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De Amicitia boost a pioneer project of elderly support

Press Releases | 26 de Marzo de 2019

The entity has the backup of IMED Hospitals, Citizenship Participation, Openness, Associationism and Elderly Department of Calpe’s City Council and the European program Erasmus+.

Benidorm, 18-3-19. The organization with corporate purpose De Amicitia launched a support project for foreign elderly people in the Marina’s area. The program is directed to man and woman that live autonomous at home and are in a vulnerability and loneliness situation. European volunteers are in charge to carry out the main duty of support for these people. Youngsters will come from the Eramus+ program, focused on cooperation and volunteering all over Europe.

The project is born in Calpe, interested in growing more all over the area of the Marina Alta and Baja.  Nacho Gonzalez, De Amicitia manager, declared that “we talked to social services of the area, as well as health agents as IMED Levante and we detected that there is a serious problem in which we suggest to work in”.

For their part, Dr. Carlos Yago, managing director of IMED Levante wanted to recognise “the success to carry out with this kind of action, because usually we are witness of how people, specially foreigners, have serious problems when they come back home after being at the hospital”. He adds, “they are people with no pathologies to justify their hospitalization but that are alone when they go back home, that barely speak our language and that have few chances to make the simplest daily tasks by their own”.

IMED Levante Hospital take part in this project providing their resources. An auxiliary nurse will make regular vital signs exams to elderly people that are on the project, with the objective of taking care of their health state. Moreover, neurophysiology or physiotherapy services will be provided – two of the most demanded-, making easier its access for elderly people in isolation risk. At the same time, a medical talks program directed to offer general interest information will be done.

Nacho Gonzalez point out that the project “want to put a first stone in the path that will be long and in which, even if we intuit it, we don’t know yet for sure what we are going to find”.

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