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Advantages of private health insurance

At IMED Teulada Medical Centre there are no waiting lists. We can also offer fast turnaround times on medical results.

Patients are free to choose the doctor that best suits their needs, obtaining direct access to specialists without having to go through a GP.

Furthermore, we have an excellent team of medical professionals and exceptional facilities offering every comfort for our patients.

How to request a first appointment

IMED Teulada Medical Centre is open, and operative, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Therefore, you can call our customers services line, visit the hospital or request information by email.

Does the Medical Centre have an agreement with my insurance holder?

The IMED Hospitales group has agreements with most Spanish insurance companies and all foreign insurance companies.

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Does the specialist/doctor I want to see work at the IMED Teulada Medical Centre?

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What medical specialities are available at the Medical Centre?

Cardiology, General Surgery and Digestive System Surgery, Coloproctology, OB-GYN, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Paediatrics, Trauma, Urology, Occupational Medicine and Psychology...

We are also party to agreements with insurance companies offering occupational hazard schemes, and provide health care services for occupational accidents, fast assistance for road traffic accidents and continuous recovery in our Rehabilitation Unit.

Does IMED Teulada Medical Centre provide Accident and Emergency Services?

The IMED Teulada Medical Centre Accident and Emergency Services is open from Monday to Sunday every day of the year. The service is available from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The Medical Centre also has a 24-hour ambulance service for emergencies.

Doctor Pedro Martínez is the head of the Medical Centre’s Accident and Emergency Service.

What services does IMED Teulada provide?

This medical centre offers immediate health assistance for the aforementioned pathologies, with diagnostic imaging services (x-rays, CT, MRI) to provide diagnosis, treatment and stabilisation, and transport to Hospital IMED Levante in Benidorm, if required, in our ambulances, which are stationed at the centre 24 hours a day.

Organisation of the Accident and Emergency Services

Doctors and nursing staff work as a team in adjoining rooms with ambulance support.

Is IMED Teulada supported by Hospital de Levante, now known as Hospital IMED Levante?

The Medical Centre is supported at all times, and is in constant contact with all specialists from the Hospital IMED Levante.

What makes IMED Teulada’s Accident and Emergency Services excel?

IMED Teulada’s Accident and Emergency Service rises above other centres thanks to diagnostic imaging services that provide instant X-Ray reports, the outstanding teamwork performed by doctors and nurses, an excellent work environment and the speedy attention given to patients.

What medical technology is the centre equipped with?

Both IMED Teulada Medical Centre and Hospital IMED Levante in Benidorm are equipped with the most advanced medical technology. At IMED Teulada we have a diagnostic imaging service with MRI, multi-slice TC scan, digital mammography, multipurpose scan, digital x-ray and PACS-RIS image processing systems.