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IMED joins to “Heart’s week” for the encouragement of heart-healthy habits

Press Releases | 29 de Septiembre de 2017

Arround 228.000 people suffered a cardiovascular episode (heart attack, angina and stroke) in Spain in 2015. Just hypercholesterolemia is responsible of almost 72.000 of these episodes according to the studies of the Spanish Heart Organization (FEC).

In the Valencian Community, more than 23.700 people suffered a cardiovascular episode that year, 7.100 of them were caused by high cholesterol, as FEC studies shows.

IMED Hospitales has schedule some activities to join the heart's week that every year promotes the Spanish Herat Organization (FEC) in collaboration with Invascor (valencian Heart Institute) in the Valencian Community. Among other activities, we launched some guidelines that are hand out in the hospitals of the group with tips to prevent the cardiovascular risk. Among the guidelinies we have the basic ones as having a healthy diet, practise some exercise often, don't smoke or do regular health check-ip with the doctor.

Because of the Heart's Week, all IMED Hospitales centers wanted to join to the activities done in this week. IMED Valencia turned on the night lighting symbolically, because the hospital will be lighted in red during these days.

With the celebration of the Heart's Week, the FEC tries to progress on the fight against cardiovascular diseases increasing the awareness about risk factors and creating basis for a healthier life. IMED wanted to join actively to this purpose.

In this link you can know all about our Unit of prevention of cardiovascular risk ICARDIO and also you can download the guidelines to prevent these kind of disease:

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