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Unidad Cardiología IMED Hospitales

Cardiology and Cardiac Image Institute

Polyclinic Teulada offer a quality comprehensive service for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. This complete service allows us to reach a precise diagnosis, no matter how complex it may be. IMED Hospitals has a multidisciplinary group of renowned professionals and all the latest advances in diagnostic and therapeutic resources.

The Clinical cardiology unit offers highly experienced cardiologists who are the reference point and coordinators between all the other professionals. They will attend to your requirements either in the outpatient clinic or on the hospital ward, where they will explain your problem and indicate the treatment required or arrange a consultation with another specialist if necessary, therefore ensuring exactly what the patient needs: high quality care.

The tests most frequently used by our specialists to reach a firm diagnosis of cardiovascular disease are as follows:

  • Electrocardiogram
  • Blood pressure holter


Our multidisciplinary team offers permanent care to cardiovascular emergencies, either on the hospital ward or in the outpatient consultancy department, thus ensuring the easiest and most comfortable option to our patients

Clinical Cardiology

Clara Oliver Navarrete

Dr. Clara Oliver Navarrete

Head of Service

IMED Levante, IMED Teulada

Clinical Cardiology

Jorge Restrepo

Dr. Jorge Restrepo

IMED Teulada, IMED Levante

Clinical Cardiology

Tibisay Snchez

Dr. Tibisay Sánchez

IMED Levante, IMED Teulada

Clinical Cardiology